Considering a Career Change? By When?

By when will you make the change? Dave Munson, founder and owner of Saddleback Leather, asks his team members two important words: “by when?” In a recenter interview published in Forbes, Kevin Kruse asks Munson to share his best advice for those starting their leadership journey. Munson: This is great. This is really an easy one, okay? But it’s […]

Forgiveness May be the Key to Productivity

It is time to accept forgiveness for the fact that you didn’t finish your to-do list yesterday and today isn’t looking much better. Each day we strive to be productive, to tick off the ever growing number of tasks on our list of responsibilities and for some of us; that seems like an exercise in […]

Hope is Not a Career Strategy

Hope is not a career strategy.  Anything worth achieving is worth working for so don’t leave it to chance, be ready for the opportunity when it presents itself. Is what I have achieved the “All” I really want? Why am I here? We’ve all asked at one time or another. We begin to ask ourselves […]

Break Barriers: How Far Are You Willing to Push Yourself?

How far are you willing to go to break barriers in your career path? I was reading through a list of quotes by women leaders and entrepreneurs that inspired me to think about the power of breaking through barriers. This quote from the CEO of TaskRabbit is what got me thinking: “I wake up every […]

Self Doubt is Self Limiting

How often do you listen to that voice in your head that questions your ability to take on challenges? If self doubt is making your career decisions it is time to put a muzzle on it. Our minds are very easily persuaded and if we give voice to our self doubt it will lead directly […]

Increase Productivity – Create More Productivity from Disengaged Employees

I recently had the opportunity to share my thoughts about how talented leaders can benefit the business and company morale with strategies to engage disengaged employees. The article was published on Small Business Online. Here is a snippet: How many people do you know that enjoy their job? From recent conversations, interviews and articles, it […]

Career Change – Is It Time to Go?

We are creatures of habit. From a very young age we thrive on the known; breakfast in the morning, a day of school, homework, play time, supper, reading a chapter and then off to sleep to start all over again. The same can be said for our jobs. We get in the habit of going […]

Focus on Your Goals Like a Hawk

Have you ever found a picture or heard a story that was just so great you wanted to find a relevant way to relate it to your business? That happened today when I received an email with some pictures from my friend Per Heistad. He woke up to find this red-tailed hawk sitting in the yard. […]

Before You Leap Into a New Project

As an entrepreneur, your brain is swimming with new ideas and directions for your business. Your excitement is contagious and your energy is intoxicating, however often you find the end of the day comes before the end of your “to do” list. The challenge?  Focus. Rather than focusing on one idea and following it through […]

Career Change – 5 Steps Before You Leap

Contemplating making a change in your career? Whether you are thinking about applying for an internal promotion, leaving the company for an advanced position or leaving the corporate world to start your own business, there are steps that you need to be prepared to take. Following are five steps that I have found important in […]