How Progressive Evolutionary Astrology Can Help You with Laurie A Rivers

How Progressive Evolutionary Astrology Can Help You with Laurie A Rivers


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How Progressive Evolutionary Astrology Can Help You with Laurie A. Rivers

 What if you could transform life's challenges into your greatest strengths? In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Laurie A. Rivers, a classically trained astrologer with a unique blend of expertise in political analysis and cultural anthropology. 

Laurie introduces us to progressive evolutionary astrology, a forward-thinking approach that views astrology through the lenses of energy and physics rather than fate. Her method empowers individuals to reinterpret astrological challenges as opportunities for healing and personal growth, helping us understand that our experiences shape our destinies more than any predetermined script. 

Laurie explains how a deeper understanding of your astrological chart can enhance personal agency and guide informed life choices. We delve into the intersection of astrology and personal development, emphasizing the importance of trauma-informed coaching. 

Laurie shares her journey and the creation of her innovative self-actualization program, available on Patreon, designed to help individuals discover their true potential without dogma. 

Through compelling anecdotes and practical advice, Laurie illuminates the transformative power of blending astrology with holistic guidance. 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to align with their true self and unpack their journey with clarity and purpose. Join us as we explore how progressive evolutionary astrology can serve as a powerful tool for self-actualization and holistic healing, offering a fresh perspective on turning life's obstacles into stepping stones for personal empowerment.

Connect with Laurie:

What are some of your favorite spiritual practices?
Soul integration & active meditation 

Host of the popular talk show The Awake Space Astrology Podcast, Laurie A. Rivers brings a refreshing blend of spirituality and real-world solutions to every conversation. Rivers offers deep insights and three decades of experience to help people deconstruct out of the oppressive mindsets that keep them stuck and into thriving lives aligned with their purpose.

As an early adopter of the internet, Laurie used her knowledge of astrological timing to build her own thriving business as a coach, astrologer, and content creator. She is best known for her spooky accurate weather, earthquake, and political predictions, which she gives to prove her accuracy. 

Laurie offers both private and group experiences where she helps people use their own personal timing to describe and attain their success, and she teaches courses for those wanting to add astrology into their professional repertoire.

Laurie is an ambassador for the creator platform Patreon and boasts a social media following of over 150,000 on TikTok, Instagram, her website WokeAstrology.com, and her podcast reaches over 2000 listeners every week.

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