Forgiveness May be the Key to Productivity

It is time to accept forgiveness for the fact that you didn’t finish your to-do list yesterday and today isn’t looking much better. Each day we strive to be productive, to tick off the ever growing number of tasks on our list of responsibilities and for some of us; that seems like an exercise in […]

The Power of No

Can you say no? Eckhart Tolle is one of my favorite authors. In The Power of NOW. Tolle writes that there is only ever Now. The past only happened in the Now, and the future–which hasn’t happened yet–will only happen in the Now of the present moment. There is only, ever, NOW, this present moment. Every […]

Just Another Day in the Life of Working Mothers

As working mothers know, the best laid plans seldom work out. That was never more evident that the events of this morning. I was scheduled to travel from Cleveland to San Francisco today in preparation for a Women in Technology conference. It was to be a simple ride from home to Hopkins. However, what started […]

10 Things Fathers of Daughters Can Do to Advocate For Women

Jeffery Halter is the found of the Fathers of Daughters Initiative and has been a huge supporter of women in leadership and I’d like to share with you an article and a movement he has created to encourage girls and women to advance to their highest potential. This Father’s Day Give Your Daughter A Gift – […]

Successful Women in Business Lead by Example

There is something inspirational about hearing the stories, challenges and accomplishments of successful women in business. In this article I want to share a few tidbits from a variety of interviews that have inspired me. The first is from an interview with Ann Miura-Ko (@annimaniac) who is a co-founding partner at FLOODGATE where her investment interests […]

Recognize, Reduce, and Redistribute – Adding Time to Your Schedule

The annual Gates Letter was published today in which Bill and Melinda provide an update on the past year’s accomplishments through the Gates foundation. They begin their letter by asking the question; if you had a superpower, what would it be? Melinda answered the question simply: time. More time so that we can accomplish more. […]

Take A Break – 3 Downtime Tips from Successful Women

Do you make yourself a priority? Have you learned to put aside a little time for yourself on a regular basis? If not, this article offers advice you will want to consider – seriously. As business women, we know just how much responsibility, pressure, and stress can fall on our shoulders and if we don’t […]

Time Management: Quick Tips To Be More Effective

How well do you manage your time? Do you find yourself wishing that: There were more hours in the day/week You could clone yourself to get everything done You would finish everything on your daily to-do list You are not alone. We have heard about time management; we all know about the “if you touch […]

Working Moms – The Juggle of Having it ALL

It’s called “having it all,” a misnomer that many women strive to achieve only to end up stressed and frustrated. However, by planning, surrounding yourself with great assistance in all aspects of your life and examining and adjusting what is important to you; you can be a great Mom and a successful executive. I recently […]

Your To-Do List – 5 Things to Take OFF

Get your red pen ready – it is time to cross a few things of your daily “to-do” list. Feeling Guilty. As women today there will always be too much to do and too many places to be. Accept that you cannot be everything to everyone and you will have guilt so take that off […]