Course Creation: The Essential Ingredients for Impact with Jenny Rice

Course Creation: The Essential Ingredients for Impact with Jenny Rice


I had a fantastic talk with Jenny Rice, a course creator and holistic healer who has proven that personal healing is within our own power. She shared her inspiring story of defying doctor's predictions by running the New York Marathon. This just goes to show, we're capable of more than we think. 

In this episode, JJ DiGeronimo interviews course creator and holistic healer Jenny Rice. Jenny shares her healing journey, passion for holistic healing, and the importance of transformation in course development. She introduces the “hell island” and “heaven island,” emphasizing that clients seek transformation, not just information. Jenny discusses the benefits of adding additional offers to increase revenue streams and establish clear course learning outcomes. She also touches on new trends in course creation. 

Jenny and JJ discuss:

The importance of transformation in healing: Jenny and the host discuss the significance of addressing blocked emotions and achieving transformation in the healing process.

Creating an engaging and transformational course:  Jenny explains her passion for course development and the importance of making information engaging and transformational for learners.

Establishing learning outcomes: Discusses the importance of establishing clear learning outcomes or objectives for a course, ensuring that the content is applicable and helps learners achieve their goals.

Creating a Transformational Course: Jenny Rice discusses the importance of working with a coach to develop a transformational course and the value of understanding learning objectives and design outlines.

For over two decades, Jenny Rice has been a pioneer in course development, helping individuals and organizations create transformational learning experiences. Their extensive experience includes collaborations with esteemed Fortune 500 companies like KPMG, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, and IBM, as well as holistic health practitioners. Jenny is passionate about the realms of health and holistic well-being, and they hold certifications in over 12 distinct healing modalities. Join us for an interactive discussion as Jenny shines a light on strategies healers use to pave the way for a more enlightened and fulfilled world.

Book a session with Jenny: https://holisticcoursecreator.com/book-topic-niche-session

Visit her website: https://holisticcoursecreator.com/

Connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenny-rice-she-her-1518501a7/

Join Live Discussions inside Together WE Seek: https://www.togetherweseek.online

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