Embracing the Sacredness of Self: After 50 Yrs Old with Rachel Astarte

Embracing the Sacredness of Self: After 50 Yrs Old with Rachel Astarte


Embracing the Sacredness of Self: Especially After 50 with Rachel Astarte

JJ interviews Rachel Astarte about the importance of recognizing the sacredness of self and the divine within!

Rachel explains her work with socially conscious seekers and the Awakened Women Mentors community, emphasizing personal growth for collective well-being. She highlights the transformative power of individual healing and how this understanding can alleviate loneliness and foster interconnectedness. 

The Sacredness of Self – Rachel discusses the sacredness of the self and its divine nature, connecting science and spirituality.

Loneliness and Connection – Rachel talks about the feeling of loneliness, the interconnectedness of all things, and the importance of human connection.

Socially Conscious Seekers – Rachel explains her work with socially conscious seekers who seek self-improvement for the collective good.

Awakened Women Mentors Community – Rachel discusses the community she creates for women in midlife, focusing on stepping into their power as mentors and elders.

Individuality for Unity – Rachel emphasizes the importance of individual self-work for healthy communities and collective consciousness.

Psychological Growth and Inner Work – The discussion revolves around the fear of diving into psychological growth, working through energy, and the significance of non-judgment.

Upcoming Courses and Offerings – Rachel shares her upcoming courses and invites listeners to join her email list for updates on her offerings.

Rachel Links:

Website & More: https://linkin.bio/rachelastartetherapy
“Self Talk” Podcast: http://rachelastartetherapy.com/podcast
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachelastartetherapy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachelastartetherapy
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelastarte/

Rachel Astarte, LMFT is a holistic psychotherapist, transformational coach, author, and educator specializing in self, solitude, and service. She offers down-to-earth guidance for socially conscious seekers craving balance in turbulent times.


Rachel is the author of Celebrating Solitude: How to Discover and Honor Your Highest Self as well as novels, screenplays, and articles—all of which focus on self-development and connection with our human and non-human family. Rachel’s podcast, “Self Talk with Rachel Astarte,” helps listeners negotiate a healthy relationship with themselves and others

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