How RAISING YOUR Energy Can SHIFT Your Life!

How RAISING YOUR Energy Can SHIFT Your Life!


JJ dives into the concept of energy management and its profound impact on personal growth and life direction. 

As she celebrates the dawn of my 51st year, she reflects on the insightful encounter with a medium who illuminated the connection between her innate gifts and my life's purpose—a theme that permeates the discussion. 

With gratitude for her last retreat ~ Building Your Vision, which she co-hosted with Aneta Kuzma, ~ JJ Is looking forward to more retreats in 2024!

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JJ explores the transformative power of energy work and the vital practice of staying present, drawing upon the experiences from the recent retreat and the wisdom of spiritual teachers like:

* Julia Harrell, Spiritual Minister, and long-time meditator along the path of Clairvoyant training and Ageless Wisdom practice ~ 

* Allison Holley, Andromedan Starseed, channel, and awakening guide ~

* Esther Hicks, 

* Jane Roberts, psychic and a spirit medium channeling and Author of The Seth Material ~

* Sandi Bryan, Psychic Medium in Ireland~ 

Discover strategies for embracing the present moment, such as the act of observation in the bustling life without resorting to distractions, and practical methods for raising one's energy, like the invigorating practice of cold plunging. 

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JJ shares the purpose of writing her third book, SEEKING, guiding life's energetic ebbs and flows.  

It also highlights the astrological significance of Pluto's move into Aquarius, urging us to welcome innovation and freedom into our lives. 

Join JJ on her journey inside her community TogetherWESeek.Online through personal anecdotes, spiritual guidance, and actionable advice to help you harness your energy, align with your purpose, and initiate a significant shift in your life.

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SEEKING – JJ's New Book: Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work


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