Inner Goddess School: Alina Cristina’s Spiritual Evolution

Inner Goddess School: Alina Cristina’s Spiritual Evolution


From Burnout to Spiritual Awakening: My Conversation with Alina Cristina

Welcome to the new year and my journey as a spiritual seeker, author, and podcaster, where I delve into transformative experiences filled with spiritual awakenings. Today, I'm thrilled to share the insights from Alina Cristina, a spiritual teacher whose story of personal metamorphosis is nothing short of inspiring. 

Some highlights from our conversation: 

Burnout and Awakening: Alina's journey from burnout to spiritual awakening, inner conflicts, and relationship realization.

Dreams and Spiritual Guidance: Alina's experiences with dreams, past life memories, and spiritual guidance lead to inner alchemy.

Connection to Inner Guidance:  Alina's development of inner guidance, connection to spiritual guides, and the initiation of Akashic records readings.

Transition and Self-Discovery: Alina's transition, moving to Portugal, starting her businesses, and finding support in her soul family.

Tapping into Inner Wisdom: Alina's methods of tapping into her inner wisdom include meditation and seeking guidance from her spiritual team.

Connecting to Spiritual Guides: Alina explains her practice of connecting to goddesses, angels, and spiritual guides through meditation for inner guidance and strength.

Embracing Goddess Knowledge: Alina discusses the mystical longing inside women, the goddess knowledge awakening, and the nurturing energy embedded in women.

Starting the Inner Journey: JJ encourages listeners to start working towards their calling and emphasizes the importance of meditation and mindfulness.

Trusting the Journey: Alina advises being gentle with oneself, connecting to intuition, and trusting the journey to move forward with ease and grace.

Alina’s Links

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·       Website:  

·       Facebook: 

·       Bestseller co-author, “Ignite Your Female Leadership”

Alina is a sacred femininity & conscious leadership coach, as well as a celebrated feminine wisdom author. She is the creator of Illuminated Essence, Goddess Retreats, and experiences for women to step into their power, gifts, and radiance.

She is honored to share more than 15 years of growth and insights with you, having transitioned from corporate life (in Africa and Europe) to entrepreneurship and working with hundreds of clients all across the world to help them reach a place of balance, inner mastery and expression of their gifts and leadership.

Alina’s own experience with burnout is what has formed her medicine and love of a holistic approach to life.

She combines mindset leadership coaching with her certifications as an energy healer in different techniques

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