Magical Shakti Awakening with Womb Shaman with Alara Sage


Conversation Highlights:

01:26 Awakening and Healing Through Kundalini Shakti

10:44 The Concept of Womb Shamanism

17:03 Ancestral Lineages and Cosmic Wisdom

21:46 Synchronized Connection With Alara 

This episode with Alara Sage, a renowned Womb Shaman, takes listeners on a journey into the mystical world of Shakti energy, Kundalini awakenings, and the power of sexual magic. She shares her personal experiences of spontaneous Kundalini awakening that led to emotional liberation and a deeper connection with the divine. Alara elaborates on the process of empowerment through embodiment, breathwork, and the practice of de-armoring, which allows individuals to shed protective barriers and embrace vulnerability and authenticity. 

The episode delves into the significance of ancestral wisdom and how it informs our spiritual practice. Alara discusses her work guiding individuals through transformative experiences that connect them with their interdimensional selves. She emphasizes the importance of strong personal boundaries and the strength found in communal support, inviting listeners to join her Unity Academy (https://www.alarasage.com/unity-academy) for further exploration and growth. 

Alara encourages us to lean into the power of networking and community in the path to self-discovery and energetic transformation.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/alarasage/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/alarasage
YT: https://www.youtube.com/alarasage

Podcast: https://www.theecstaticwomanpodcast.com/
Academy:  https://www.alarasage.com/unity-academy  

Alara’s Bio:

Alara Sage is the creator of Unity Academy – an academy of embodiment, self-awareness, and magic.

Alara believes that we are here to live Ecstatically and magically.  She assists seekers in connecting deeply to their Higher Self, accessing their power, and profoundly creating their reality.  She teaches with a precise modality that creates results while energetically activating your Kundalini Shakti.

Whether you are new to the realm of spirituality or a seasoned practitioner, Alara Sage will assist you in awakening more of your Divinity.

Alara Sage hosts The Ecstatic Woman Podcast and has over 15 years of experience helping others reignite and transform their own lives.

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