Master Violet Flame ~ Leveling Up Your Energy with Business Woman Rose Mukherjee


Rose Mukherjee and JJ DiGeronimo explore the realms of energy healing and leadership with Rose Mukherjee in this captivating conversation. A business leader and guide, Rose shares her fortuitous journey into the world of Reiki, vividly describing the energy she experienced in her hands before she was even familiar with the term Reiki. She delves into the ancient wisdom of the Master Violet Flame, tracing its mythical origins back to Atlantis and the mysterious teachings of Saint Germain, and clarifies how it has influenced her Reiki practice to harmonize masculine and feminine energies for comprehensive healing. 

Rose’s perspective on leadership and self-growth, as she outlines her initiative, is designed to empower leaders and business owners to maximize their potential by tapping into soul wisdom and trust. 

 Through her awakening abilities within, Rose’s self-care rituals enable profound life changes with a beautiful convergence of business skills and spiritual understanding! Her work inspires those on a quest to tap into their inner strengths for superior leadership and a more fulfilling life. 

 This podcast episode is a treasure trove of spiritual understanding and enlightenment, perfect for those seeking to explore the art of living to their fullest potential. It is a journey into personal growth and provides essential tools for business owners looking to elevate their leadership skills. Tune in to gain invaluable wisdom on harnessing your energy, navigating life changes, and leveling up your business acumen with the help of spiritual understanding and healing practices. 


Website: http://www.rosemukherjee.com 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/rosewmukherjee

Who is Rose Mukherjee? 

Rose is a seasoned corporate leader with over two decades of diverse leadership experience. With a profound passion for personal growth, energy healing, and holistic leadership, Rose effortlessly navigates between boardrooms and the speaker stage, captivating a broad audience that spans corporate leaders, conscious business owners, and individuals on a quest for personal and professional development. Rose is dedicated to inspiring and guiding both individuals and organizations to ignite the light within, discover their full potential, foster positive change, and embrace inclusive and transformative leadership.

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