Sekhem Healing: The Power of Ancient Egyptian Healing with Edit B Kiss

Sekhem Healing: The Power of Ancient Egyptian Healing with Edit B Kiss


Sekhem Healing – The Power of Ancient Egyptian Healing

JJ is joined by Edit B Kiss, a holistic mentor, success habit coach, and a number one best-selling author, to dive deep into the world of Sekhem Healing. 

 As a former petroleum engineer who shifted her focus to spiritual and holistic practices, Edit B Kiss brings a unique perspective to the ancient Egyptian modality of Sekhem Healing. She shares her journey from being a Reiki Master to discovering and practicing Sekhem Healing, aiming to assist clients in releasing their deep-rooted pains, blockages, and emotional traumas. 

Listeners will be introduced to the intriguing concept of Sekhem Healing, an energy modality channeling cosmic energies from the Sirius star system and Earth, offering grounding effects and profound healing.  Edit B Kiss also touches on the spread of Sekhem Healing from its 1980s revival by Patrick Ziegler to its present-day global presence. 

I love how we circle back and Edit discusses the combination of Sekhem Healing with karma yoga techniques in her retreats and personal sessions, revealing how these synergistic practices can lead to significant shifts in her clients' healing journeys. She emphasizes the importance of positive thoughts and self-work, including daily meditations, for maintaining well-being and personal growth. Listeners are invited to explore Edit B Kiss' holistic approach to overcoming mental and physical issues and to consider joining her in retreats that offer an immersive healing experience away from daily distractions. With Edit's guidance, this discussion enlightens those seeking to incorporate ancient wisdom into their modern healing practices.

Who is Edit B Kiss 

Edit B Kiss is a holistic mentor, success habit coach, #1 best-selling author, Humanitarian Award winner, and international speaker. She works with clients to release long-lasting pains, blockages, ancestor defects and emotional traumas so they can live fulfilled and joyful lives. Edit was originally a petroleum engineer, working in the petroleum industry for 15 years before being a full-time life coach. During those years she trained to become a Reiki Master, a Sekhem Healer, and a Karma Yogi; strengthened her extra senses; and worked on several family constellation therapies. 

Website: https://editbkiss.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/editbkiss/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/editbkiss/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@MagicalKarmaPriestess

Master Class: https://elevate.editbkiss.com/5-series-masterclass

Retreat: https://www.tourhero.com/en/epic-adventures/greece/released-blockages-renewed-self-healing-by-the-greek-coast-with-edit-b-kiss-406060

Edit B Kiss Book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Healers-Journey-Coaching-Book-Seekers/dp/B0B71GLD6S 

Join Live Discussions inside Together WE Seek: https://www.togetherweseek.online

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