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The Role Men Need to Have to Advance Women to Leadership

If companies are going to advance women to leadership positions, the men in the organization need to play an active part. That was the crux of my dinner conversation with Gender Strategist, Jeffery Tobias Halter. I have been following Jeffery since I read his recent book: WHY WOMEN The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging […]

leadership potential

How To Unlock Your Leadership Potential

As you know I am passionate about the topic of developing women leaders which is why I am so excited that my colleague, Jill Furby, is launching the Unlock Your Leadership Potential Summit!  Imagine what your life would be like if you were thrilled to get up every morning to go to work.  Imagine living […]

leadership effectiveness

5 Tips to Maximize Leadership Effectiveness

  How can you maximize your leadership effectiveness? Verne Harnish published an article in Fortune magazine that offer 5 performance metrics to consider. Your yes/no ratio: moving toward a more “no” centric ratio once you become established in business Number of meals with influencers: setting a goal to continually grow and nurture your network Hours […]

great leadership

Great Leadership Relies on a Great Team

Great leadership requires more than just a strong leader; it requires a strong team of people motivated to achieving the company’s success. How does a leader inspire and motivate their team to greatness? Marcus Nicolls, senior partner for Partners In Leadership explores this idea in his article Your Leadership Only Drives Success, Not Powers It. When your people […]

mid career exodus

Understanding Mid Career Exodus of Women in Technology

Actually the mid-career exodus of women isn’t limited to technology careers. However, it does seem to be more prevalent. So why is that? Why are women leaving their careers just when things are suppose to be heating up? In the article Why Business Needs Feminine Leadership by MONIQUE SVAZLIAN, she narrows the reasons for the mid career […]

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Communication Style is Ultimate Leadership Skill

How you communicate, verbally and non-verbally may be the most important leadership skill in your arsenal. As Maya Angelou once said “it isn’t what you say or do as much as how you make them feel” and communication style is a critical part of interaction with others. “No matter what your job is, success will […]

fathers of daughters initiative

10 Things Fathers of Daughters Can Do to Advocate For Women

Jeffery Halter is the found of the Fathers of Daughters Initiative and has been a huge supporter of women in leadership and I’d like to share with you an article and a movement he has created to encourage girls and women to advance to their highest potential. This Father’s Day Give Your Daughter A Gift – […]

leadership culture

Seeking a Leadership Culture in the Workplace

Women interested in pursuing a leadership opportunity need to first find a company with a leadership culture. By that I mean, that from the top down, all of the leaders support, encourage and demonstrate more leadership traits rather than those of a manager. First – just a basic definition of the difference from Go2Hr: The main […]

The Importance of Transparency in Business

Does your company support transparency in business? I recently explored the importance of understanding the fact that for a business to expect to facilitate change, it has to come from within. Part of making that happen is to support and encourage transparency in business at all levels. As an employee, do you feel like the […]

Number One Leadership Trait

There are thousands of articles written about leadership; how to be a leader, what makes a great leader, the difference between leaders and managers. However, in an article by Matt Mayberry, Speaker and Maximum Performance Strategist. CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises, published in Entrepreneur Magazine, I believe he hit on an important point. True leadership is much […]