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Mid-Career Women – How to Maneuver the Landscape.

I recently had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Grace Hooper Convention (#GHC2014).  My topic “Leadership Strategies for High Impact Women” resonated with many mid-career women that desire the opportunity to take their next professional step forward yet are unsure on how to maneuver the current landscape. During my session, we discussed specific […]

STEM Curriculum – STEM Programs for Youth

I was thrilled to meet and interview Ronda Jameson.  She had great advice about how she created programs and opportunities for young students in STEM.  Listen to my recent interview with Ronda. Ronda Jameson, M.Ed is the Director of STEM Education for Texarkana Independent School District in Texarkana, Texas. She has served in public and private […]

Forbes Features JJ DiGeronimo: Women in Tech

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Leo King, a reporter for Forbes specializing in cutting-edge technology. We talked about the world of technology and the woman’s role in its advancement. We discussed where women are currently in the leadership of technology and how companies might diversify their staff to include more women. This […]

Women in Space – Impactful Women in Aerospace and Beyond

Guest Post courtesy of Jeanna Heeraman, Digital Executive, Builtvisible For a long time now the global industry has suffered from a noticeable imbalance between men and women in STEM-related fields, in particular, engineering and aerospace. The discrepancies in numbers do not just start at working age; with many fewer women, in general, studying STEM-related subjects at school and […]

Young Women in Tech – Inspiring Eden Full, Founder of Sun Saluter (VIDEO)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Eden Full while she was in Germany (the power of technology) and she shares her inspirational story. She is changing the world – listen to how she uses solar power to bring light and power to the middle of African villages. Eden is an aspiring product designer interested in […]

Women in STEM – Leading an IP Management & Technology Transfer Firm, Laura Schoppe

Laura Schoppe, recently chatted with me about her journey to become a leading woman in STEM. I have been seeking out leading women who can share insights, challenges and successes for others who want to advance in careers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. During the interview, Laura shared two pieces of advice she was […]

STEM WOMEN – Woman in STEM develops STEM opportunities for K-12

Kimberly Clavin has a masters in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in acoustics. After working in the industry for six years as a design and test engineer Kimberly decided to change her pathway and focus on education of engineering topics. Kimberly is now the Manager of STEM Initiatives in Dublin City Schools, Ohio. As Manager […]

Tech Girls are Super Heroes!

Jenine Beekhuyzen is an advocate for diversity in IT and has a long history of organizing and presenting at girls and computing events and visiting schools. She has volunteered in many committees and mentoring programs over the past decade. I recently had the opportunity to interview Jenine and learn more about her passion for girls in […]

Women We Should Know – Mayim Bialik

Women still trail men in the fields of science and technology. Why is that? Have we failed to make science appealing to young girls? Are there too few role models for girls to look to as an example? Mayim Bialik, started as a young actress coming into family homes as Blossom, the bubbly girly-girl who […]