College Students – Advice for Young Women Preparing for their 1st Job

This month I had the opportunity to talk with college women preparing  to enter the workforce.

With many different degrees and levels of education, we spent time talking about what makes an effective professional.  We also discussed what it takes to move through different roles and levels within an organization and how professional women can strategically align themselves with mentors and sponsors.

The young women had great questions and are already working on their personal brand via their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.  We chatted about the importance of references and evaluating job descriptions so that they are prepared for what the market is hiring.

I was so impressed their dispositions, engagement and personal and professional goals.

I shared many stories about the good, the bad and fantastic things that have happened in my career along with some lessons learned.

Although much of our conversation was based on the professional landscape, I did share a few life notes:

  1. Hope is not a strategy.  Anything worth achieving is worth working for so don’t leave it to chance, be ready for the opportunity when it presents itself
  2. Pick your life mate carefully!  This is a big decision and will have a major impact on how far you are able to go and in which directions you travel.  I have many friends digging out of this decision and it is not pretty.  Be selective! Be sure your choice in a life mate will be supportive of you now and as you grow personally and professionally.
  3. Be kind, respectful and supportive of women.  We need to stand together to support each other’s choices, celebrate our accomplishments and sponsor each other for new opportunities. Women are fantastic and we need to elevate each other every chance we get.

The event was filled with creative energy and I am so excited to see where these women go!  Many have already connected with me via LinkedIn and shared some of their strategies to advance their skills and leadership experience to be ready of the marketplace.

college students

I am very grateful for the invitation to join these women and love the fact that I have the opportunity to work with women of all ages!

A personal note to the more experienced woman professional:  Seek out opportunities to connect with college women or women new in the work force. They will benefit from your knowledge and experience and you’ll benefit from their energy and passion.