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The other day I was talking about finding ways to determine what in your life brings positive emotions and what activities are more negative. We briefly discussed finding ways to turn the negatives into positives so that you can begin to move away from where you are today and travel closer to who you want to be.

Robin Fisher Roffer wrote a book a number of years ago called Make a Name for Yourself. She talks about a lot of the same things I believe in; finding your unique value, understanding, and determining the direction you want to take your life.

In her chapter Devise a Plan and Get on With It, she offers a very simple exercise that helps create a specific, measurable plan that you can use to begin to make a difference in your life.

She uses the Ws and H: What, When, Where, Why and How. Here is an example from her book about a woman, Jillian, who wants to be known as a business manager so that she can position herself in a way that a small business would hire her as a consultant.


What:  Reposition self as business manager for small companies

When:  Immediately

Where:  Marin County, California

Why: To achieve independence and more income

How: Through aggressive public relations efforts and rainy-day savings of $2,000 for initial company investment.

That is a clear plan. There are no grey areas – just the facts and the direction she wants to go in.  Robin continues to discuss the plan by offering up two additional components: Responsibility and Risk.

In Jillian’s plan her R&R look like this:

Responsibility:  Sharing the greater financial obligation for household and lifestyle

Risk: Going into debt.

The risks and rewards need to be added into the equation before any drastic measures or changes can occur, but with this simple exercise, you at least have a direction. A personal plan for your brand – your unique and individual goal.

Are you in a job that doesn’t satisfy you? Do you feel trapped in a career that no longer meets your needs financially and or intellectually? Creating a personal brand plan could help you visualize what direction you want to go in.

One last thought. If you are truly miserable in your career and believe that leaving your job to open your own business or working for someone else is the answer, then privately pick a date on the calendar. Actually get out the calendar and circle a date for some time in the future: in six months, a year or next month – but actually circle it. You don’t have to make any notations, but you will know that that is the date you will leave your existing circumstance.

Then create your plan. Identify the tasks you’ll need to complete to make it a reality.  You’ll find yourself becoming more engaged in life because you are secretly working towards the goal of making a change.

When that date comes – if you aren’t ready.  Then pick another date in the future. It isn’t a failure – merely a postponement. Look back over the time period to see what you’ve accomplished. Have you made progress?  Celebrate that.

Always come back to your personal brand plan – make adjustments as necessary and keep on in a positive direction.

I’m already applauding your great success!


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