Leadership Skills of Women Leaders

For years, decades even, we have looked to men as an example of leadership. Books have been written, and men have created long-lasting careers from speaking about how to be a great leader. And we have learned. Sometimes we have also learned what not to do.

Perhaps now it is time to look at the women leaders around the globe to see what they bring to the table. In a recent article entitled Why Women Should Lead Boldly, the authors, Sharon Hadary and Laura Henderson, share their perspective on the traits women leaders offer. In a nutshell, there are six traits women leaders exhibit:

  1. Values-based
  2. Holistic
  3. Inclusive/Collaborative
  4. Consulting
  5. Share visions/values and goals
  6. Generate trust

There isn’t really a singular way to lead that is correct, however, I believe we can learn from both men AND women and gain a better understanding of what makes for a great leader.

Think about the best (and the worst) bosses you have had over time. What traits made them successful? Did they share their vision for the future and explain your role in making it happen or did they trudge ahead keeping the end game a secret – for their eyes only?

As you review the six traits – do you excel in one or another? Which is the most important, in your opinion? Have you experienced the difference between men and women in leadership roles? Do you have a preference? Why? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.