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Career Strategies for Women

As companies are condensing staff and asking more of their employees, it is difficult to dig out from under the task list to actively plan a career strategy, especially for women that have many demands outside the workplace.  Often women are just trying to get done what is on their to-do list. If you want […]

Mentors, Sponsors and Advisory Boards for Business Women

Mentorship and Sponsorship are extremely important and I would go even a step beyond to an advisory board which is a group of both. Mentorship is often a person that gives you advice on how to move from here to there or maneuver a situation.  They talk only to you about what you should do. […]

How JJ DiGeronimo Use LinkedIn to Advance Her Professional Impact

As a woman in high tech and an entrepreneur, I have used Linkedin for years as a valuable tool for career and business enhancement. I have found that it can: ** help publish a book ** expand my professional network ** create peer groups ** locate great candidates for key positions ** query experts ** build […]

Christie Marquez Shares Thoughts on Sales & Technology

I had the pleasure of interviewing Christie Marquez, a Business Innovation Manager at Cisco about her approach to business and the field of sales specifically. Christie started as a school teacher and then transitioned to the sales environment. Here is just a portion of this informative interview: JJ:  Do you have any correlations between teaching children and […]

Living Life on Purpose

I love Gretchen Rubin author of the Happiness-Project.com shares a story of waking up to the reality that she wasn’t happy. She had it all but felt like she was in danger of wasting her life. Sound familiar? So she decided to challenge herself: I’ll have a happiness project! I vowed. I saw it in a […]