Why Do You Hate Your Job?


Do you get up every morning, get ready for work and know in your heart that you hate your job? At some point in our life, perhaps most frequently in our early career, we find ourselves in a position in which we just hate what we do and/or who we do it for.

That negative energy impacts every aspect of our life, not only our relationships but also our health. So if you are currently in a position where you hate your job, it is time to take serious stock of where you are, how you got there and what you will do next.

Work without love is slavery.
Mother Teresa

For most of us, if we hate our job, we can’t just up and quit. We have obligations, i.e. bills to pay, that preclude us from just quitting a nasty situation. Therefore, if we are going to make a change, we have to assess our current situation and then develop a strategy for change.

Here are a few questions you need to consider:

·         Understand how you ended up in this job, what attracted you to this role initially?

·         How did things go sideways?

·         What are three things do you like about your day?

·         What have you learned about yourself and your professional goals and abilities?

·         Who in your network can help you make connections to future jobs?

·         Who can act as your reference now, based on the work you have already accomplished?

·         What will you look for in your next position?

·         What do you need to do now to cultivate that next position?

Keep in mind that it can take 9-12 months to find a new position so you have to do something to make the interim bearable.

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.
Pearl Buck

In the article Ten Things To Do If You Really, Really Hate Your Job by Cathy Goodwin, she offers several great ideas, including:

Begin focusing on what you want instead of how much you want to escape. When you find yourself sharing the latest horror story, stop in mid-sentence and say, “What I want to have is…”

Think of developing skills, not serving time. Take every course that’s offered and focus on skills that can lay a foundation for your own business or next job. Can you learn HTML or PowerPoint? Can you use some evenings, weekends and lunch hours to solicit some free lance gigs?

Put on your shield and armor when you enter your workplace. Everyone should learn how to create a psychic shield. Imagine that you are surrounded by an outer shell that is made of a solid material — so strong that nothing can get through to hurt you.

As I did a little research looking for other ideas, I found several articles encouraging to “bind your time.” I strongly disagree. This is a time for action, not apathy. We only go around once and to spend the time in a position you hate or that makes you feel inferior is a waste of your abilities. To fear the unknown versus the position you know, no matter how disagreeable, is also doing you a disservice.

Picture the position and the company and the boss you want. Be crystal clear in your vision. The more details you can conjure up – the easier it will be to form a plan to achieve that goal. The process of taking action will lift your spirits and help you get excited about your next steps.

Start by doing three things:

  1. Make a list of your skills and achievements over the last year. This will help you gain a clearer understanding of what you can offer.
  2. Along with that list, compile samples of your work as part of a portfolio. Add emails that you’ve received of thanks for your hard work or compliments on your abilities.
  3. Develop a list of references that can help support your work effort and achievements.

If you hate your job, only you can change the situation.

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