Athena International – Owning a Business: My Story

Athena International

In September I will have the great opportunity of moderating a panel discussion at the Athena International conference where the topic is about owning a business. The insiders sharing their experience will be: Julie Brandle, President/Founder, Metis Construction Services June Taylor, Chair, Ohio Casino Control Commission; President, MAC Installations & Consulting, LLC Stacey Zahoranski,  Wealth Advisor, Beacon Wealth […]

Creating a Safe Environment for Increased Innovation

Do you work in a safe environment? By that I mean, do you feel supported and encouraged to share ideas and concepts for how the business and/or your department can be more productive? In an article called Six Habits of People Who Bring Out the Best in Others, one of those habits is creating a […]

Are You a Business Influencer?

What does it take to be known as a business influencer? Emerge Blog recently named the top 25 business influencers that have created a brand for themselves that people follow. Remember the television commercials for EF Hutton? “When EF Hutton talks, people listen.” It is the same with those known for their expertise in business. […]

Maximize Your Professional Brand in Business

What is your professional brand in business and how important is it to your future career? This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I hear when addressing women in business settings and at conferences. First: what is your professional brand? When someone hears your name, what is the first thing that comes […]

Increase Productivity – Create More Productivity from Disengaged Employees

I recently had the opportunity to share my thoughts about how talented leaders can benefit the business and company morale with strategies to engage disengaged employees. The article was published on Small Business Online. Here is a snippet: How many people do you know that enjoy their job? From recent conversations, interviews and articles, it […]

Cannot Find Sales Women – CAbi Has Figured it Out!

I cannot count the number of times this year I have read, “If we could only find more women to apply” or my favorite “If women were more ready to lead we would promote them” or “Where are all the women leaders?” Tech companies or any corporation looking to keep or attract more women leaders should […]

Innovation – Do You Believe You Are Innovative?

As I spend more time with women in technology across the country, I am amazed at their passion and energy for their craft. They are confident and dedicated to their career and aspire to be strong leaders in the future. As part of my research, I uncovered an interesting white paper which examines a number […]

Inspiring #GirlBoss – Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal Vintage and the author of an inspiring business book I’m currently reading called #GirlBoss. Sophia pulls no punches in her story of how she took a vintage clothing business operated out of her bedroom to over $100 million in annual sales in just seven years. “It takes […]

Nelson Mandela – One Person Can Make a Huge Impact

In the wake of Nelson Mandela’s passing, many are coming forward to share their memories, thoughts, prayers and insights into how he impacted their lives and the lives of hundreds of thousand others. One man. He championed peace and equality, overcoming fears and reaching to make dreams a reality. He set an example that generations […]

Michael J. Fox Doesn’t Worry – Why Should You?

They say that women are born worriers. We worry about our children, we worry about our jobs, we worry about our family and the bills and our health and the fate of the government…we worry. To what end? Now I am not going to say that I never worry, who could, but a quote from […]